Who am i?

I will start with a little list like you see on all those popular community sites. After that I might tell something really interesting, so read on and enjoy.

Name: Vincent
Date of Birth: somewhere in 1984
Age: 26
Relation: Single
City: Waddinxveen
Favorite Color: I don't mind.. something not to bright...
Favorite pet: none ;)
Favorite pop star: dun no...

Well now all these very important questions are answered, let’s go on to the real me (really?)


I have a couple of hobbies two of them are united on this website, namely: making websites and photography. As you can see the making of websites is more than a hobby, so if you know somebody who's in the need for one, don't hesitate to contact me.

One of my other hobby's is scouting, I am a brownies leader and enjoy that very much. I used to be pretty active with more at the club bud that's not the case anymore.

A lot of photography I do, I will publish on this website. Some of it is publicly available, but for some picture's you need to log in. Please make sure you also check out the following website, it's from SmartDoDo , with who I make a lot of nice pictures.




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